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Cause & Effect

Cause and Effect

There are two terms that are important to understand for the proper health care decisions to be made. Inductive and Deductive.

Inductive reasoning is a study of parts. Deductive, on the other hand, is the study of the whole. In the world of health care, we find medical doctors as the inductive, while chiropractors are the deductive „scientists.¾ How so....

The medical world has specialists who concentrate on parts of you. The ear, nose and throat doctor, the gynecologist, the orthopedist, neurologist, dermatologist, ophthalmologist............ These specialties may be necessary if the major emphasis of healing was working with the effect of the area, rather than the cause of the problem in a global or all body fashion.

The inherent problem with inductive doctoring is that the body is bigger than it¼s individual part. Time and time again you can read reports where a patient¼s health had been jeopardized due to a lack of communications between the various medical specialists.  Although, there is a need for a specialist, a doctor who can determine where the problem is and the best possible medical treatment, this should be utilized only in a crisis situation, not as a portal of entry and as an early attempt to generate relief.

If you accept that there is an Innate Intelligence, a power controlling and coordinating all living tissue in your body, giving it the power to digest and eliminate, see, hear, understand, remember, grow healthy tissue, eliminate waste, wake you up and put you to sleep, as well as  fight disease, then you must respect this intelligence and attempt to work with it rather than suppress it. Although we have been taught to wait for a symptom prior to attempting to eliminate it, it is better to understand that the body will always strive towards perfection and health rather than sickness and disease.


The medical world has geared itself to the elimination of symptoms (Effects). It has attempted, with its various specialties, to utilize a variety of drugs and/or surgery to eliminate these effects. Furthermore, the medical world has benefitted from the world of science to manufacture and use stronger and more expensive diagnostic tools to determine that what they say you have....you have.  Have you ever or have you ever heard of someone who was diagnosed wrong; who had the wrong treatment; who went through needless surgery; who has been sick ever since the treatment, or who died because of it. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon and is part of the malpractice controversy. Again, inductive reasoning...a sample of the part, rather than an appreciation of the whole, is the medical model.

Chiropractor¼s differ. We appreciate the Innate Intelligence, the power that created and maintains body existence. We accept the fact that the nervous system is the organ given the role of communicating with every tissue cell and knows where repair needs to be done. If it can create, as it does every second of every day (old cells die and new ones take their place), it can also repair and maintain. The adjustment frees the life force generated from the brain cell to the body¼s tissue cells..Freeing this makes more sense to me, than drugs and surgery.

Chiropractic Works With This Inherent Power and Eliminates the Cause

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