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Crisis vs Preventive Care

Medical doctors in our country usually consider a person without symptoms as being well. By inference, if symptoms reach the crisis stage, see your physician. This is a plausible solution if your emphasis is to reduce symptoms without reducing the cause.

Chiropractors have always said no to drugs

                      Chiropractic First

                                      Medicine Second

                                                       Surgery Last

The purpose of the above statement is quite clear. Prior to reaching a crisis stage, it is both healthy and wise to prevent the problems with proper neurological health and wellness, through Chiropractic Care.

A natural approach to health care allows the body to attempt the healing first. This means that Health Comes From Inside Out --- not from external input of drugs or surgery, which is from Outside In.  If a machine is maintained with timely lubricants the machine will function for years and years. Our bodies have been designed the same way.

If all organs are functioning as they were intended to be; and proper nutrients and care is maintained (the proper neurological channels are free), the body will also last for many many years. In Health and Wellness

Too often a patient will be impatient and quickly run to the medicine chest, the drug store, their physician to stop their body's own method of natural healing and self defense. How often does a minor episode materialize into a crisis? .. more often than you would imagine. Newspapers continually run stories of medical mismanagement; lawsuits abound due to improper medical treatment; and you and your friends begin simple medical treatment only to find more and different medications are needed later as well as routine tests are run unnecessarily, and on and on and on.

Today being a conscientious health care consumer is needed more than ever. Don't accept what is considered normal to be natural, and routine to be acceptable. We've been taught that prevention is a medical test or a change in our lifestyle and it very well may be. But, if the test proves positive did you prevent the problem or did you possibly catch it in time to manage or destroy it? There was no preventive measures, only a means to determine if the problem exists!

Prevention is often invisible. Who's to say that the hours spent in the gym or the diet your stuck with prevented a heart attack? If there were no symptoms you'd never know. What I can tell you is that the medical tests didn¼t prevent a thing except letting things get out of hand. Doing the right thing to the master control system of the body is true prevention.

Chiropractic care is natural prevention. Subluxations, pressure on the nervous system reducing proper function, inhibit functional ability and life expression. Therefore a natural approach towards maintaining your health is through subluxation elimination and control...through Chiropractic Care. 

* Subluxation = a spinal segment, called a vertebra, shifting out of its proper alignment with the segments above and below, irritating a nerve root, as it exits between each vertebra, reducing the amount of energy to specific cells of the body. This may produce dysfunction, pain and dis-ease. Chiropractic is the detection and elimination of this specific pressure of the nervous system. It is more than just for pain relief!


Tucker Chiropractor | Crisis vs Preventive Care. Dr. Joel Margolies is a Tucker Chiropractor.