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Definition of Health

Definition of Health

Health is often thought of as a state of mind. You were considered healthy if your outlook on life was positive (what's the definition of life? just surviving...or is quality factored in as well), and you were without symptoms.

A statistical poll, at any local mall, will prove that the majority of us think having no symptoms is considered health.. No pain.. Felling good. Websters Dictionary states that Health is a condition whereby all of your organs are functioning 100% all the time. This makes sense... a well functioning and adapting body will manage it's life

Quite well.. Providing its environment is manageable.

Considering the typical concept of health being a condition of no symptoms and feeling good, we would assume that the person who unfortunately „drops dead of a heart attack was well just prior to their death. Statistically, the first symptom of a heart condition in this country, is death. That¼s right, no prior symptoms. Does that mean the day before this person was healthy? ..... Because they had no symptoms? Or the patient needing an immediate gall bladder operation, was healthy weeks prior to the first  symptoms and medical diagnosis? Of course not! We must re-evaluate what health is.

Dorland’s Medical Dictionary, the book used in colleges, courts, and etc. states that Health is „optimal physical, mental, and social well being, not merely the absence of a disease or infirmity. Here the definition is not looking at symptoms, but the functionability of the body. This definition takes into account the relationship between coordinating tissue cells and organs of the body, and the balance between our environment, both within and without. In this equation, there is no need to evaluate symptoms.

Symptoms Are The Last Stage Of A Disease, Not The First

We have been brought up with the concept that running to the doctor is appropriate when chasing one symptom after another .. crisis management. This concept is sound if the primary role of the doctor is to chase symptoms. The doctor should evaluate the symptom, but direct their attention to reducing the primary cause. The effect (symptom), will be controlled on its own. Unfortunately, this is sorely lacking in today’s medical care. Drugs mask symptoms, surgery reduces the body potential, and the results prove that we are a society strong on medication, and weak on Health. It is clear that a person desiring to be at the peak of their health potential must incorporate various preventive measures. Proper diet, regular exercise, manage stress, positive relationships, are all necessary action steps for stable and increased health potential.

Another factor too often overlooked, is proper nerve supply. Have you ever wondered? How every organ of your body knows exactly what to do without our direction. How every sandwich you eat is digested, metabolized, and eliminated. How every necessary drug is manufactured by the body itself. This is due to the nervous system which controls and coordinates all body function.. As in Dorland’s definition of health.

Chiropractic Reduces Nerve Pressure --- Which Allows Your Body To Function

Where is Your Faith.. In A Pill Or Bottle Or In Your Body???


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