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Innate Intelligence

To the average person, intelligence means acquired information while at school.

This information was stored in books and kept in libraries. These books were amended and edited to accommodate new data acquired by additional research. This research was gathered by looking further into the information to date.

We are always increasing our....... Educated Intelligence. 

The human body is a pile of billions of specialized and individualized cells. Each cell has a specific purpose and collectively functions for a specific task. The heart cell has a unique role, just as unique as the eye, stomach, skin, and all other organ cells. These individualized cells work in harmony for the sake of the whole body. The control and coordination of these billions of cells is the role of the Master System...... The Nervous System

We can never increase our inborn intelligence.... Innate Intelligence

The nervous system is similar to a large computer. The signals transmitted to and  from this computer generate specific responses.

This incredible machine called the human body can:

 Ä Manufacture chemicals that even man has yet to understand

   Ä Generate power and energy surpassing the strongest turbines in existence

     Ä Remember events that took place years and years ago with a memory   bank so vast that a computer cannot even get close

        Ä Transform a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into human tissue

          Ä Wake you up as well as put you to sleep

            Ä Remember everybody function -- while we forget a simple list


Chiropractor¼s respect this Innate Intelligence and with each adjustment attempt to free the pressure that is placed upon the Nervous System, the purpose of which is to allow this intelligence to reach every cell within your body.

Do you really think man¼s intellect has reached the capacity of this Innate Intelligence?  The purpose of Chiropractic care is to determine if the Subluxation is suppressing the free flow of this intelligence and if so correct the cause. Chiropractic does not add or take from this intelligence.

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