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Medicine vs Chiropractic

Medicine -vs- Chiropractic

The most common question that arises in a chiropractic office is ...Why doesn't the medical doctor recognize chiropractic? The question first implies that medicine as a whole doesn¼t recognize chiropractic, which isn¼t true, but also that if they didn’t, it means the worth of chiropractic is cast in doubt.

Chiropractic is a natural approach towards health. In the preceding material you may have had a chance to read, you learned that chiropractic has always said no to drugs, as well as nothing is taken from the body as with medical surgery. This is not to say there are times when these procedures aren¼t necessary, but I believe, only in a crisis situation. For prevention, look to the body to heal, regain and maintain itself in health. Chiropractic Adjustments just help clear the way.

Medicine is alliopathic care. This means drugs and surgery. Medical and chiropractic students learn from the same reference sources on anatomy, physiology, pathology. Where they differ is their approach towards care. The medical physician looks to reduce symptoms using pharmacology and medication to stimulate or inhibit body function. Considering this, and only this, if the problems do not respond then the organ is considered for removal. Although this reads like an over exaggeration it is simply the truth. This is alliopathic medicine.

Since the medical profession has placed itself in the fore-front of health care -- the Guardians of Health, they take upon themselves the responsibility to reduce disease and eliminate symptoms. This is a noble attempt and may assist if they didn’t over react. With stronger and stronger drugs, we become further weakened and become more prone to enhanced strains of microbes, etc. We reduce our natural immune system and thus must rely too often on medication to sustain life. We may have extended the average life span with quantity of time at the expense of quality. If the Chiropractic philosophy of Life and Health has any truth at all, the body, when free of interference, will increase it¼s immune potential and fight the battles of Life naturally. A patient responding to chiropractic finds they rely less on drugs; they are surprised and ecstatic that they are well without medication and after understanding chiropractic rely less often on their medical physician, for themselves and their family.

It is also true concerning the druggist and the legal drug cartels. Economics play a harmful role in the medical ignorance and prejudice against a natural approach such as Chiropractic. For each patient without a medical prescription, it’s that much less for the drug manufacturers. Furthermore, the credibility of the drug use has now been placed in question. Also, time spent on the study of alternative health care methods in medical schools, especially concerning chiropractic, is negligible.


So, there is no Medicine -vs- Chiropractic battle, rather an area of ignorance with an overshadowing loss of medical income and credibility that produces this impression of friction. Each specialty must know their limitations. I have gathered a referral network of area physicians for my patient referrals, all too often the medical doctor doesn¼t do likewise.


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