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Tucker Chiropractor | Tucker chiropractic care | GA | My Dream

Family Chiropractic Center
4910 Lavista Road
Tucker, Georgia 30084
Joel E. Margolies, DC

(770) 491-3639

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My Dream

Tell Them And They Will Come

In the popular movie Field of Dreams, the theme was „Build it and they will come. ¾.Build a ballfield so they, the old time baseball players and the new fans, will have a place to go. Here in the middle of a corn field one fan was living his dream. Today people still come to the movie set, where each in their own way, find their field of dreams.

 My Dream

I dream of a community free of drugs, all drugs, those prescribed and those illegal. I dream of a community where people have no need to have others remove God given organs. I dream of a community where a childs well baby check-up includes a structural/biomechanical analysis, and poisons are not introduced to the young body. I dream of a community where established health care leaders discuss true prevention not just crisis treatment. I dream of a community where everyone understands the concepts of natural life and health, not only sickness and disease. I dream of a community where medical and chiropractic health care providers work together for the benefit of all. And finally, I dream of a community understanding the major purpose of Chiropractic; the dangerous reality of the Subluxation; of patients attending my workshops and sharing the chiropractic story with others and they in turn experience their health potential through chiropractic care.

Ä If you haven't attended our in-office workshop .... You Should!


If You Haven't Told Them Yet, Who Will?

There Is A Health Care Crisis. Our society is based on instant relief and crisis attention. In order to benefit from natural health it is important that we allow our bodies to adapt correctly and without interference. Chiropractic care is the only Health Care that allows the body to heal itself by reducing the subluxation. Your family and friends deserve to know this.In my field of dreams, I have built this office. It is further my dream that you will assist me in my goal of helping others through Chiropractic. I¼ve been blessed with many great success stories. The greatest feeling is a patient telling me how they wished they started care years earlier. They begin to question why they suffered more than necessary and now wish their friends or relatives begin chiropractic care as well.



Tucker Chiropractor | My Dream. Dr. Joel Margolies is a Tucker Chiropractor.