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Weight Loss Day Two

Day Two .. Hang In There 

The purpose of this daily blog concerning weight loss is to help you appreciate that weight loss should not be a struggle. Shelves are full of weight loss books with testimonials and great statistics of success. They all work when implemented as intended but some are not as healthy as they claim. So, without a measuring cup or a mental slap down let’s accept the fact that losing weight is more than losing an inch here or there but rather an approach to regain and maintain health and wellness. Excessive weight taxes the system both structure and function and jeopardizes the body integrity that was handed you at birth. With that said, this is Day Two. Day One was preparation and reflection. If you took account of when and what you eat and pondered the why and where, you are definitely on the right tract. One less morsel, one less forkful and one less calorie with more burned while exercising is placing you truly on the Wellness Path. 

Day Two incorporates a different preparation, food. Proper food, life sustaining food and food that provide nutrients needed to repair a weakened body.  These are the veggies and fruits found in every market. If finances allow, organic would be best to avoid an abundance of chemicals already taxing your body. Phytonutrients found in these foods help restore rather than deplete. If your body already fails and you have health concerns, then caution must be extended while eating certain foods. Be a pound smart not a pound-foolish and eat according to your specific diet until you can get a handle on the slow but necessary road to repair. Some healthy vegetables provide an excess of sugar and must be monitored if eaten in abundance. Others tear a hole in the gut because the roughage, while a necessary to help move things through the digestive system, may be at this time too harsh. You know your body, so begin to listen and learn what it’s saying. I guarantee it’s not saying that a hot dog is okay or the Slurpee, while tasting great, is great for you. 

Your body is always speaking and at times screaming for you to listen, so start today. Begin slowly to eliminate foods on your NO side of digestive history. Begin to add healthy choices and go slow one bite at a time to see if you can tolerate them. Some vegetables mildly cooked or steamed are easier to digest while raw, if tolerated, would be even better. Steaming keeps in the nutrients and help the digestive tract tear it down. I am not promoting a vegetarian diet but it wouldn’t be a bad idea. I mentioned in the introduction a movie titled Forks or Knives written by a Cleveland Clinic physician recommending a Vegan diet to avoid the surgical knife by making careful choices with your fork. This movie can be found on Netflix and is an eye opener stimulating you to do the right thing. 

So, begin purchasing colorful vegetables. Add these to your daily food choices and prepare them for a number of days either in salad or whole. I create a few days supply by cutting them and eating them whole.  I prepare hummus, a paste from chickpeas or use other beans for this paste as a healthy dip. I use celery stalks and carrot sticks to scoop the paste for lunch, rather than bread, along with steamed broccoli and beets which I prepared earlier and brought to the office in glass containers. Easy to microwave and made ready for lunch. By the way, you begin to save money by eating healthy as well. Okay, I do crave something sweet, so my decadent splurge is a handful of Nestle Dark Chocolate Raisinets, which is satisfying and probably not my worst choice. Keyword, Handful! These are found in most supermarkets in the candy section. This will be a true test of your will power, passing all the scrumptious candies for the one least lethal. Be sure you choose the Dark Chocolate not Milk Chocolate. At least the raisins are healthy. Remember be smart, losing weight is losing calories, this is a treat don’t abuse it. If you want to lose weight faster, this treat is a no-no. Go sparingly with the fruits eating twice, if not more, of the vegetables. Also, if you suffer with a blood sugar disorder, sugars can be lethal. Please read SugarBusters, found in most libraries or visit their webpage: www.sugarbusters.com to learn more about the glycemic levels of foods. YOU WILL BE SURPRISED WHERE SUGARS ARE HIDDEN IN OUR FOOD. Besides, the are totally inflammatory in nature aggravating arthritis and various diseases including stimulating cancer cells. 

Okay, enough written and read for Day Two. In summary, begin shopping for best foods with vegetables top of the list. Prepare steamed foods in advance so it will be easier to eat a healthier meal and stop before placing unnecessary food within your mouth. There is a time to keep your trap shut, this is the time! 

Day Three I will discuss digestive health and basic do’s and don’ts. We are as good as the food we absorb, digest and eliminate.


21 Day Purification / Weight Loss Program: 

Standard Process the Whole Food Supplement Company I use has a Purification Program that has a great side affect; you lose weight and feel better overall. We cannot avoid many environmental toxins but we can mange some of the chemical pollutants found in everyday household products. Watch this short youtube video outlining many of these toxins and how the Purification Program may help you get back in control and lose weight to boot. We have many patients that used this 21 day program for increase energy, a revitalized feeling and slimming down. It is affordable and best, it protects the liver and other vital organs as you leech your system from harmful toxins while slimming down. Ask Melanie or me for information. Best if you do the program as a family or with a group. 

Tucker Chiropractor | Weight Loss Day Two. Dr. Joel Margolies is a Tucker Chiropractor.