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Survival Values

In order for any organism to survive, it must adapt. From the warmest to the coldest of climates, a person will shake, shiver or sweat in order to balance their body temperature and adapt to the climate they¼re in. Foods of various types are also ingested, and depending where one lives on the earth, the ecosystem will sustain that life.

What does it mean? ........... Survival is the essence of life.

Like the world environment, the human body environment will sacrifice a part for the sake of the whole. If the survival of the whole means to limit the use or contain a specific problem to one area, it will. Pain is an example.

Pain, like a smoke alarm is a warning system. If your home alarm system was activated, you would surely check if there was a fire. Rather than disconnecting the alarm system, you would eliminate the cause for alarm...the fire. Pain, like the home alarm system is alerting us to the danger within. Suppressing this pain, without eliminating the cause (as is common with typical over and under the counter drug use), is as foolish and dangerous as disconnecting the alarm. The pain has sacrificed our comfort level for the sake of warning. The constant use of drugs has the adverse effect of reducing our sensitive survival instincts.

We were (should be) born whole and healthy. Innate instincts are shared by both mother and child. Family bonds nurture this young child and with the proper food, sunlight, love and caring this young sprout will continue to grow with added vitality. These innate survival instincts guide us through the maze of life. Our acquired educated instincts also assist in our adapting to environmental stimulus. By sharing these survival factors and making the proper decisions, we evolve as best we can. The question is, is best...good enough.

Every educated decision we make has a bearing on our existence. The foods we eat; the exercise we do or don¼t; the habits we acquire; the methods of healing we utilize, these all play a vital role in our adaption and survival. Have you evaluated your survival values lately?

 Are you looking towards pain relief rather than correction?   Do you have poor eating and exercise habits?    Is medicine the primary method of healing for your family?

Chiropractic Works With the Innate Forces within and Takes Nothing Out

Tucker Chiropractor | Survival Values. Dr. Joel Margolies is a Tucker Chiropractor.