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Toxins and the Environment

Toxins In You and Your Environment

Environmental pollution affects our health in a more insidious way then most people imagine. Our bodies are a receptacle for these chemical and heavy metals readily used throughout daily life. These toxins when embedded within cells of your body create a barrier towards health and wellness. The results are chronic health and auto-immune issues creating a huge pharmaceutical industry that only chases symptoms offering marginal relief to many sufferers. If you suffer from chronic health issues it may be beneficial, that along with your medical care, you search outside the box by determining which stressors affect your health and how best to conservatively and safely eliminate them from your system.

Our office, using both conservative chiropractic care and nutritional counseling strives towards community wellness. Using muscle testing (kinesiology) and symptom surveys, we attempt to target specific functional patterns which outline areas to repair. Rather than chasing symptoms and recommending general nutritional supplements, we outline a program to detoxify and repair your body with whole food products (Standard Process) and diet. By removing toxins and having bodily systems work in harmony, your immune system is only enhanced and symptoms abate considerably.

Our role in assisting our patients is to determine which stressors are aggravating the ability of the body to cope. Often immune challenges such as chronic bacteria, parasites, yeast, fungus and viruses remain embedded in cells requiring specific nutritional protocols to remove them. There may be a food sensitivity that always forces the body to work harder to digest and assimilate the best food provided. The results are allergies, bloating, weight gain and feeling the proverbial blahs. These immune challenges and food sensitivities along with the heavy metals and chemical toxins mentioned above must be eliminated or managed for your body to perform at its peak.

Our office provides a number of non-invasive objective tests to determine if these challenges exist and how best to handle them.


Health and Wellness Relates Greatly To Environmental Toxins

Tucker Chiropractor | Toxins and the Environment. Dr. Joel Margolies is a Tucker Chiropractor.