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Weight Loss Day Five

Day Five .. Attitude

 I know you want to lose weight and tired of excuses? By now, this being the fifth day of our journey toward an increased slimmer and healthier you, let’s discuss Attitude. As I write this blog, or daily journal, I am writing it primarily for myself. I was a Vegan, a vegetarian eating no dairy, meat, chicken, fish or eggs for well over a year and stupidly added some verboten foods and began to slowly then speedily cheat before I was out of control. Knowing the concepts and consequences of not abiding by the rules of health, I began to slip again into the rules of dis-ease. There is no secret maintaining health and wellness, abide by what the body needs; food, water, exercise, mental wholeness, digestive peace and enough sleep.

I look with wonder at my year and a half old granddaughter, peaceful, most of the day, requiring only guidance and sustenance of her loving family to survive. Would a sensible adult provide a cola drink to a year and a half old? You bet ya, I see it all the time. If choices for food were packaged prepared baby food or steamed and pureed whole veggies and fruits, which would you choose for her? Well, come on, you’re busy, time is precious and it’s so easy to reach for that box, that can or just run to McDonald’s. Happens all the time, and we wonder why child obesity is such an issue, why juvenile diabetes is so prevalent and why our children develop attention disorders, muscular weakness, not to mention mental laxity to the point that they are unable to sustain peak awareness when they need and deserve it, potential stifled and suppressed by poor habits and choices. As adults we are just bigger kids, one and a half year olds in larger damaged vessels. Years of neglect and sustained physical disorders have created the thing you see before you in the mirror. Can we change, you bet, but it’ll take a deep commitment and a strong dose of Attitude.

So, what is your Attitude? Anger that you let yourself go? Anxiety that your health has so deteriorated it may never recover? Anguish that you tried before and failed, so why try and try again. Complacency that overcomes common sense, makes no sense. Better up your attitude and do it today!


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