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Weight Loss Day Eight

Day Eight .. The Biological Component


Three biological components must be in working order for you to be well. One is a healthy life sustaining diet. Two is a healthy gut and digestive system. Three is a nervous system without interference.


A life sustaining diet consists of foods full of energy with few processed and overcooked of nutrients. This diet would consist of a vegetarian fare with palm sized portions of fish, chicken and lean meats. Sweets and condiments that perk the taste buds stimulating overeating should be avoided and offered only as a treat. The healthy diet would be eaten on a timely manner not before bed and avoidance of grazing or eating all day being avoided as well. Portion control begins with preparing the meal and meals in advance, which would assure portion control was controlled.

An unhealthy gut and digestive system is often the reason people are sickly. Various digestive issues from named diseases such as GERD or a hiatal hernia, Crohns or irritable bowel syndrome, a leaky gut syndrome, gastritis and ulcers to name a few keep millions of people from being well. They definitely keep the gastroenterologists in business. Since this most important system helps digest, assimilate and eliminate the foods we eat, it behooves us to care for and feed it wisely. This is not the forum to go too deeply into detail but a few basic steps can be taken to reduce stress and with patience see a happier gut and an overall efficiently running body.

Step one is providing the keys that turn the engine on and these are enzymes. These byproducts of many live and moderately cooked foods are the catalyst of digestion. Overly processed and cooked foods lack enough enzymes to help that food digest. Foods undigested begin to ferment causing gas and putrefy reducing the quality of substance offered by this food.  Another aid is a probiotic. These are living good bacteria found in the gut. Look upon them as Pacmans chewing their way around the gut helping breakdown foods. The longer foods remain in the body the shorter it takes for negative issues to develop. Enzymes and probioics help move things along since being constipated is not a good thing. Two or more well formed bowel movements a day is acceptable, not infrequent and difficult movements with diarrhea and little content being the norm. If you have a history of digestive issues and chronic symptoms discuss this with your physician and get yourself on a natural program to help you get stabilized.

Chiropractic care helps reduce neurological pressure on the celiac plexus, a group of spinal nerves that feed this system. Adjustments are not just for a sore back; it helps return function from an impinged structure. Specific whole food and more natural supplements or food recommendations help as well. Don’t suffer in ignorance, there is much that can help but be a patient must be patient for best results. Natural healing takes time.


The following days I’ll introduce specific programs and ideas. Since I use Standard Process Whole Food Supplement Products, I can recommend fully their digestive supplements. Using muscle testing, I can determine which and the quantity you need. Come by the office to discuss this and be tested.

You Deserve To Be Healthy


Tucker Chiropractor | Weight Loss Day Eight. Dr. Joel Margolies is a Tucker Chiropractor.