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Weight Loss Day Seven

Day Seven .. Let’s Go

Okay a week is up for our preliminary review of what we desire, what we need and what we must do. We need to lose weight, we need to get back in shape, we need to get in control and we need to consider the consequences if we don’t. Rather than waiting for the gurney for transport us to the ER or schedule frequent visits to the medical specialist, let’s really get serious. Time for short cuts and excuses have run out. If you haven’t treated yourself to that extra cookie, too late. Time now its time to put metal to the  peddle and move this train to the next station. This is what we’re going to do.

First: Cut portions in half and use smaller plates. Leave some food on the plate as a matter of self control. Add more greens, colorful veggies and limited the fruits per day. Begin to limit the carbs; breads, pasta, rice, corn. These are fattening and worse inflammatory aggravating joint pain and stimulating cancer cell growth. These hidden sugars boost the glycemic levels which are damaging to your health. Read Sugar Busters to learn more about these hidden sugars. www.sugarbusters.com

Second: Slowly cut desserts. No ice cream, no cakes, no candy and limit dried fruits and other candied foods. These treats add calories but worse they feed your glutinous desires. Getting back in control is simple, get back in control. If limited certain emotional foods is difficult to manage, cut portions, times of treats and types, baby steps may work best. Remember this is a 21 day get back in control program using your emotional strength to pull you through. Granted there are many reading this with metabolic and glandular issues that making an inch or pound disappear is an ordeal, you face an uphill battle but with the help of your physician and further personal study and perseverance than this blog offers, you too can succeed.

Third: Visualize how you are, what you are doing and where you want to go. Conceptualization is everything as belief will carry the day. Think and talk positive while pushing urgings away but always embrace thoughts and others that support you. If you slip a moment or two or worse and day or two, don’t browbeat, instead pull back on the reins, take a deep breath and move onto that better you by slipping back in rhythm. E-mail me or discuss those you shared your goals with for extra support.

Review: Prepare foods for the coming week. Cut portions dramatically. Add more greens, less fruits. Exercise a bit per day and think a wee more positive. I will provide specific foods and supportive ideas this coming week Day 8-14.

 Hang in There and Let’s Get Back In Control


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Tucker Chiropractor | Weight Loss Day Seven. Dr. Joel Margolies is a Tucker Chiropractor.