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Tucker Chiropractor | Tucker chiropractic care | GA | Weight Loss Day Seventeen

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Weight Loss Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen .. Inventory


Time to look through the cupboards, scan the refrigerator, check the freezer and complete your healthy inventory. What are you hoarding? Cans of foods and fruits, boxes of starch, plastic bags of greasy, salty, fatty but fun tasting stuff. Okay, if you want to be tempted, go ahead keep them in eye site but if you are serious about changing your life, then box them up and donate them to the local food bank. We as consumers are at the mercy of marketers from large corporations bent on selling not implementing the latest food pyramid. If we followed their lead, the latest sleek television and magazine ad, we’d also be following the drug commercials, as our bodies would slowly break down creating one symptom after another. Do a Google search for health in the US and be surprised at the poor statistics. Rather than using technology to enhance health, technology is often used to enhance wealth at the expense of the public. Moderation and within proper amounts, fun and tasty foods is a pleasurable thing but once we get addicted to poor habits and choices we are out of control with weight being least of our worries. So, check your inventory, rid your stock of non-foods and poor choices and replace them with real food, fresh foods and foods that enhance rather than diminish your potential.  Review videos from my previous day blogs and some of the url links to articles concerning healthy choices and the benefits of specific foods. We are getting close to my twenty one day journal on Weight Loss. No magic bullet to lose weight, just ideas to get you back on track and keep you there. I recommend you bookmark my website and when needed read a day or two to motivate you here and there. Tell you friends to do the same as together you can help each other. 

Tucker Chiropractor | Weight Loss Day Seventeen. Dr. Joel Margolies is a Tucker Chiropractor.