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Weight Loss Day Three

Day Three .. Persistence


Day One was Preparation. Giving thought and gathering proper foods. Day Two was Reflection, since this journey will take awhile we need to determine our path and the best and easiest way. Day Three let’s call Persistence. Problem with previous attempts to lose weight and control cravings was simple; too easy to cheat, too many distractions and too few people supporting our goals. So, with this in mind, we need to take charge and plant strong seeds of determination and persistence. Revisit your goals, write them again and tell others about them. Is weight loss to lose inches or stabilizing a health crisis? Is weight loss a mental challenge or a means to get back in control? Need help, just e-mail me: joel3639@aol.com with issues and I will do a Dr. Phil on you. E-mail interventions are a lot safer than medical intervention. So, don’t be embarrassed, need someone for support, a voice from the wilderness reaching back then take my offer and use me. If I have no answer, I’ll try to help you find one.

Okay, what to do on Day Three. If you selected your vegetables, bought a steamer and decided which times of the day to eat then you are on the right track. Track #1 is the train we need to get on. This coach is for those prepared to limit their portions, select fewer carbohydrates and add more veggies and less fruits. Oh, don’t forget to hydrate. Most of us drink less water than we need. As the cars leave the station we leave behind poor habits, such as binge eating, eating before bed, splurging on sweets, cakes and ice cream and we also leave behind doubt. There is NO DOUBT we need to lose weight for the health of it and be kind to our internal organs, especially the heart, pancreas and digestive system. Almost forgot, the system that controls and coordinates all life expressions is the Nervous System. Keep up with your life sustaining chiropractic adjustments.

So, let’s review, how was your Day Two? Did you consider that extra calorie prior to swallowing it down? Were you strong enough to walk past that cookie and stopped your urge to eat unnecessarily. Did you begin preparing food making eating healthy easier? We are mere humans creating our futures one chew at a time. Here are some links to chew on from WebMd: 



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