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Weight Loss Day Twenty One

Day Twenty One .. My Message


This is the last day of my 21 Day Weight Loss Blog. Weight Loss/Managing Your Life has no time limits; we have to be vigilant as long as we live.

It doesn’t take much to upset normal body function. You could get by eating fried foods, salty and creamy stuff, candies and cakes and live in the fast food lane if you choose, but if so, prepare to accept the consequences. Our body is a machine and like any machine, proper oiling, fuel and maintenance is required. Our pipes (arteries and veins) once clogged with crud create a backflow that never ends well. Our gut attempting to digest indigestible items, fats and oils to rich for its own good and being the 50 yard line defensive barrier against toxins and other sundry nasty stuff works way too hard for its own good and our choices of food doesn’t help. Our joints are meant for dancing. Every joint has a hinge and every hinge is lubricated and protected with fluids and pads, but too often they wear our prematurely and unevenly. We are so out of balance, so out of alignment that if you were a car your check the engine lights would be blinking unrelenting. Folks, we eat to live, not live to eat and to avoid the snowballing of medical intervention, you must care for yourself.


The healthcare community has various specialists just waiting to tend to your needs from the aorta to the zygapophyses (a part of the spinal bone). If the price for poor lifestyle habits was one doctor visit and that was that it wouldn’t be so bad, but a simple condition can lead to a host of others upsetting the matrix of body performance and a life crisis creating the medical snowballing effect, one specialist leads to another. This results in the health conditions so rampant in our society. So, why should you watch what you eat, keep body tone in check and exercise and think straight? Well, because if not the price paid will be too high. Look in the mirror, are you happy with what you see. Look at your inventory of foods and your shopping list for tomorrow; are you satisfied it is all health productive or wellness destructive? Look at your family, parents, siblings, spouse and children and grandchildren, Do they deserve to sit with you holding hands in the hospital, praying for your recovery and you worrying if you’ll enjoy your family, kids and theirs. Eat Well, Be Well. Drink Enough and Move Enough and Think Positive Thoughts Keeping Negativity at a Distance. You deserve to be well, so start reading the 21 Days again and again and explore Health and Wellness

Tucker Chiropractor | Weight Loss Day Twenty One. Dr. Joel Margolies is a Tucker Chiropractor.