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Tucker Chiropractor | Tucker chiropractic care | GA | Weight Loss Introduction

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Weight Loss Introduction

Family Chiropractic Center
4910 Lavista Road
Tucker, Georgia 30084
Joel E. Margolies DC

Weight Loss Made Simple


Disclaimer: This is my humble attempt to assist you and others to lose weight for the Health of It. As a chiropractor interested in the balance of structure and function, it is important that various elements work in harmony for success. Therefore, as with any attempt to alter body chemistry or wellness, it is best you seek the opinion of your primary care physician to have blood chemistry, specific evaluations and review of your past and recent health history prior to any attempt to lose weight, exercise, use supplements or reduce or add medications. This is especially true if you suffer from any endocrine or cardiovascular health issues. It is not the intention of Joel E. Margolies, DC, the Family Chiropractic Center in Tucker, Georgia, his staff or social media associated with them to provide medical advice or promise any health, wellness or weight loss success or failure. 

Now Let’s Get Started: Below is a brief introduction to three weeks of ideas and action steps towards losing weight and returning to health. Many of you have various health issues that may hamper the speed of your weight loss, hopefully they can be addressed both naturally and with medication. We are here to offer nutritional advice using muscle testing and recommending whole food supplements from Standard Process. If you haven’t already, please Like Us on Facebook: search us at Family Chiropractic Center Tucker, Georgia.

First, weight loss can be managed with proper personal control. Specific hormonal or systemic health issue may prevent you from losing weight and reducing your waistline as speedily as you wish, but for the majority of people, success will come once they control their daily activities, this is most important to avoid the yo-yo effect of up and down waistlines.  Public libraries and bookstores are rich with various books providing the science behind weight loss and more important the compulsive behavior patterns that usurp our common sense. Defeating emotional and binge eating, poor food choices and learning the rules of healthy diets can be found in these books or even by searching the web. To make a long story short, I recommend starting by reading a few books, such as Sugar Busters, which outlines glycemic levels of commonly found foods, Anti-cancer a New Way of Life which outlines sound ideas to avoid cancer both with diet, emotions and exercise. A great video is Forks over Knives, which outlines a specific vegetarian diet and why. Look around for as many resources to expand your knowledgebase providing the strength to follow through. As others question your attempt to lose weight and regain personal control, your quick reply will both energize your commitment and hopefully help others do the same. Most important is to pair yourself with others that appreciate your goals and try not to stifle you. Negativity is epidemic and will drag you down quicker than a candy bar. 

Second, prepare your game plan in advance. Goals should be written and action steps implemented. The average person will not reach their unrealistic and lofty goals, while small “baby steps” will find steady results of regular weight loss and reduced inches. Prior to starting any weight loss program, measure your waistline, blood pressure and blood sugar and lipids levels. Your physician can assist you or possibly you could find a blood chemistry lab available without a medical prescription.  Remember your initial weight loss may be more fluid than substance but eating wisely only enhances your wellness, begins regaining control of poor eating habits and regains and maintains your health.  Looking at the scale on a daily basis may be frustrating as some lose inches prior to the scale dipping accordingly.

Third, small steps may be in order. Your underlying emotional weakness needs a strong foundation for success. Spend a day reviewing your usual eating patterns and what prompts you to overeat or compulsively and emotionally eat. Also, what wee voices within lead you to eat poorly? Review choices that stimulate your food choices either at the fast food or shopping lane and why you desire them. Common knowledge is that fried food is not the best, so why do people desire it? Why do we often over salt or use preservatives that are known to increase blood pressure or are known carcinogens? Why do we reach for the white bleached bread and cake allowing our sweet tooth to overtake our desire to reduce weight? Most important, how can we control our need to fill our gut with portion control and plainly eat for the health of it.

My friends, these discussions are my humble attempt to speak to my inner being. You are invited to listen in. Rather than looking at your expanded waistline, forced to purchase clothe a size larger as well as feel demoralized that once again our personal weakness has overwhelmed us, creating another health crisis and further dependency on medication, a possible reduced lifespan and quality of life.

Now the most important issue, think of others that depend and love you; your parents, spouse, children, grandchildren, siblings, extended family members, friends and even those that depend on you for employment, social and sport activities. Don’t be selfish, your health and wellness is bigger than you, others depend on you and deserve your serious effort. The alternative is to continue on the road you travel today. Think about this and think again. Write down why you must get back in control by losing weight and replacing empty calories with healthy habits. Every health crisis results in your personal plea to the almighty to help you once again and a shallow promise to take better care of yourself. So, let’s start today.

If you read this far, you are serious to begin your new journey. I am not a weight loss or emotional fitness counselor. Underlying concerns may need extra support. Your community has a number of psychologists; church counselors and life coaches that will guide you better than me.  A number of professional groups have been created for this purpose and may be a useful tool, as well as professional retail companies promoting weight loss via television, radio and the written media. Most will work as far as you help them. 

Here’s To Getting Back In Control




Tucker Chiropractor | Weight Loss Introduction. Dr. Joel Margolies is a Tucker Chiropractor.