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When Should Chiropractic Care Begin

The saying there is no time like the present is very true when applied to healthcare. Today is the best time to start your diet, exercise routine, positive thinking habits, although there are always some excuse to put it off until tomorrow. Why is is?

Innately, we are born to follow natural instincts, although via continued education and social exchange, we conform to rules and policies that are contrary to what is beneficial and healthy for us. Let's take a look:

When you have the urge for something sweet, do you reach for an apple or a sugar laced, chemically produced cookie or candy bar? When you need to get a job done around the house and time is tight do you race through it, even when you feel weakness and strain?

At the first sign of fever, do you run for the Tylenol? Are there more negative what ifs than positive let's go for it thoughts? Just a handful were turned around from natural instincts to unnatural responses.


It Is Natural To Be Healthy!

If you can imagine a huge sand clock dropping crystals of sand relentlessly from the time we are born to the time we are gone, try to also imagine health also seeping through this smallest hole. From the time we are placed in the hands of loving parents (if we¼re lucky) the timer is set. The subluxation may have developed during the birth process, and if uncorrected at this early stage, will only add further neurological stress to the growth and the adaptive demands of a new life. Children need chiropractic care. They receive the best care and profound results for typical childhood problems such as ear infections, respiratory conditions, etc.

The ravages of the subluxation as we continue to grow along with the pitfalls from child to adulthood should be monitored and corrected at the earliest moment.  Although the vast majority of our society reaches for medicine when sick, it doesn't discount the fact that the relief was at the end of a needle or pill, while the causes were never fully corrected. Relief is a noble and true endeavor, but why not also account for the cause and correct it too. A sluggish immune system; an overloaded and/or ravaged body deplete of nutrients and full of hate and fear; a body lost of it¼s natural strength due to poor postural and exercise habits unable to adapt as it should because subluxations are continuing and unrelenting. Your growing family and neighbors need chiropractic care.

Stress is not only emotional. I look at stress as a triune. The three component parts consist of physical, mental and chemical.  How long can a body exist in health if it's primary source of food is McDonalds and fried and overcooked meats and vegetables? How long can a body exist in health if we continually place excessive amounts of chemical compounds in it via too many chemicals in our food and water or the various drugs people take for one ailment or another? How long can a body exist in health if the physical components of the subluxation are not managed or eliminated? If we are structurally weak and have sustained one injury after another?


This is why Chiropractic care should be mentioned to your freinds and family .. they too need to have their spine checked. They deserve no less.


Tucker Chiropractor | When Should Chiropractic Care Begin . Dr. Joel Margolies is a Tucker Chiropractor.