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August 30, 2021


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If You Have A Relationship With The Man Above

Pray For Peace and For The Safety of Our Service Men and Women

And The Safety and Peaceful Future of Afghanistan

As Well As The Safety Of Those in The Path Of Hurricane Ida

Be Thankful For Your Blessings This Is a Harsh World


My Message  .. Give This Some Thought (Reason For My Weekly Links Below)


As we manage through this horrid covid variant, some take it very serious and watch every move to avoid reducing their health while some go with the flow and hope for the best. I was vaccinated and continue to wear a mask in stores regardless. I respect you and didn’t want to place you or I at risk while keeping our office a safe place for all. The reason for our caution is noted daily with overcrowded hospitals and a surge in ICU, ventilators and death counts with the vast majority unvaccinated. If you read this far, it is as far as I will go urging vaccinations but urge that everyone remain vigilant for the safety and sanity of yourself and others


Now, consider this, if a National Health and Wellness Taskforce reached out with urgency as they do with covid alerts, climate and social change and were truly determined to improve our lifestyle to stop the progression of slow death through poor habits, industrial foods without nutrients and dependence on medication to sustain life they would include mandated changes such a diet:



Healthy Movement:






Healthy Thoughts:






Healthy Lifestyle Change:






Health and Wellness Goals:






A number of our younger patients make it a habit to workout, watch every morsel of food, keep their head on straight and nary a bad word. A number of our middle aged patients find that wear and tear of life is catching up on them as well as their waistline now attempt to find time and courage to make the changes necessary to weather through their next cycle of life. And the seniors amongst us either succumb to their fate and manage their health with a variety of drugs, surgical procedures and the limitations that life offers or take the leap necessary to hold back the ravages of time regardless of their age or condition as they see hope around every corner. Sometimes this is the we can do.


What is the point?


Well, as we are bombarded daily with fear and confusion regarding covid most of us have created lifestyle changes to avoid being a statistic. So, be as serious about your general health and begin the process of renewal.


I spent eight hours in class this Saturday learning about Wellness and how our lifestyle is a barometer of personal wellness. I have a lot to share once I put my notes and thoughts together. I will share with you both in these e-mails and during our office visits. If you want to turn your Health Quotient around, Let’s talk. Reply to this e-mail or schedule a Wellness Visit with Melanie


My Daughter Writes A Health Blog and This One Concerns Calcium:



Here Are Others:




Remember: If You Don’t make time for health today you will have to make time for your sickness later


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