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September 20, 2021


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Message This Week .. Getting Ready For Fall .. Allergies and All


First let me thank you for your kind words and replies to my weekly e-mails. I realize we are all busy and reading through my messages and then the informative links is time consuming but with some weeks over 500 people opening the e-mail and sending them worldwide, I guess they are useful. I enjoy keeping in touch with our patients and the community, last count this e-mail will reach over 2200 addresses.


Getting Ready For Fall .. Spinal Health


First, considering that the nervous system controls and coordinates all body function, it makes sense to reduce as much pressure to this vital system as possible. This is precisely what the chiropractic adjustment attempts to do. Only 20% of nerves that exit between your vertebra are sensory (pain) while 80% are functional, allowing the body to work efficiently. During your initial visit, I usually use a spinal segment to show the area where pressure can occur and explain how the adjustment works and what I am looking for with the leg check. To help the body adapt to seasonal changes as well as daily life, maintaining spinal balance and integrity is crucial. Now, how many of you have schedule your maintenance adjustment to keep your spine aligned? More important, how many of you have scheduled an appointment for your family? We are called the Family Chiropractic Center for a reason. Spinal pressure has no age limit and considering that only 20% of spinal nerve exhibit pain, the rest of the spinal functional nerves have no obvious signs just slowly proceeding with pressure and reduced wellness. I appreciate that most patients come to a chiropractor to reduce pain but the most important indirect benefit of chiropractic care is reduced spinal pressure and an increase of health and wellness, spinal mobility and body functionality. After 43 years of practice, this is what I see, it surely helped me. So, keep up with your adjustments and if it has been awhile since your last adjustment schedule with Melanie 770-491-3639. We are always honored to help your family and friends.


Getting Ready For Fall .. Nutritional Wellness


Second, we are entering a new season with a drop in temperature and therefore a need for our body to adapt and manage this stress. If you had a chance to read through the e-mail last week discussing toxins it would be wise to help our body adapt by getting ahead of the stress with a healthy detox. If interested in the Standard Process 21 Day Purification program or the less demanding 10+ day program get in touch with Melanie.


A healthy supplement “First Aid” kit for prevention and a quicker recovery of respiratory issues would be Congaplex, helps with bacterial issues and Andrographis helps with upper respiratory issues. A bottle hanging around the house taking about 6 Congaplex a day when you begin feeling down and 3-6 Andrographis if you chest congestion. These are not medicines but food and herbal formulas that help the body defend itself. Let us discuss this during your next visit


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If You Don’t make time for health today you will have to make time for your sickness later


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Therapies ..  Stretching ..  Fitness

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