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September 27, 2021


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Message This Week .. Changing Our Personality


The other day Donna came to the office for her maintenance adjustment which always brings a smile to my face. Since the pandemic she has been adding smiles to everyone she meets because her mask is one huge smile. Unless you are made of stone, you too would smile. Wouldn’t be great if we were able to just put on a mask and change who we are. In Donna’s case, behind the mask is a lovable, friendly, caring and compassionate soul with no need to use a mask to cover her usual smile, but, who would know unless she took off her mask. So, how easy would it be to change our personality?


Since Covid entered our world the mask industry became very creative and purchasing a specific creative mask literally is a statement. So, how hard is it to change your personality?


Here is this week’s homework:


Factors that shape personality





20 steps to Change Your Personality:



Ted Talk Video .. You Can Change Your Personality:




If You Don’t make time for health today you will have to make time for your sickness later


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Take Your Mind Off Corona .. Inspirational, Useful and Cultural Websites

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Use the 4-7-8 Method to Fall Asleep Almost Instantly


When Stressful Thoughts Keep You Awake, This Psychologist Has A Trick


Here's Why Your Cat Sometimes Sticks His Tongue Out


How to Distinguish Between Normal Memory Decline and Something More Serious


Here Are 3 Surprising Things You Should Know About Memory


Taking 7,000 Steps a Day May Be the Key to Living Longer


Should Follow the 20 Second Bladder Rule’


5 Natural Cures for Lowering Cholesterol Without Taking Meds


7 Common Mistakes You're Probably Making with Your Fall Mums


Just 20 minutes of meditation can help you make fewer mistakes in life

Healthy Living and Recipes:

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31 Vegetarian Breakfasts Ready in 10 Minutes


The Super-Hydrating Food You Should Be Eating Daily To Look 10 Years Younger


Are Frozen Vegetables Healthy?


5 Herbs to Reverse Hair Loss, Boost Immunity, Ward Off Brain Aging


Yes, Grains Go Bad If You Don’t Store Them Properly—Here’s What You Need To Do https://www.wellandgood.com/do-grains-go-bad/

Therapies ..  Stretching ..  Fitness

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Check our website stretch video recommendations



This 5-Minute Ab Workout Will Make You Feel Stronger After Just 2 Weeks


You can work your abs while standing. Here’s how


8 Balance Exercise Examples for Better Stability as You Age


Calming Exercises When You Have Only Have 5 Minutes


No time to exercise? 4-second interval training can increase your fitness


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