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October 4, 2021


Great Healthy Living and Stretching Links to Open Below My Message

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Message This Week .. Continuing Education


To maintain my chiropractic license in Georgia I must complete 20 hours of continuing educational classes per year. I usually exceed this amount and try to mix up the programs to add a broad range of topics. This keeps me up to date as well as keeps my mind sharp and ready for new challenges.


Continuing education is a great idea for everyone as the goal of longevity is to continue to strive and thrive. Luckily, besides chiropractic, I have an outlet as a French Horn player within the Dekalb Symphony Orchestra www.deklabsymphony.org that hopefully will begin rehearsals and concerts in January


I recommend you too consider a goal to expand your mind and body with areas that you wish to explore. It is never too late to stretch more, read more, write more, cook more, learn something new and most important focus on your health and wellness. So, take advantage of the many links I include with these weekly e-mails starting off with the ones below. Also, share these e-mails with friends and family by either forwarding them or reply back with their e-mail address and I will add them as well to the weekly email list. To date, this e-mail will reach 2300 e-mail addresses within our community


Homework this Week:













If You Don’t make time for health today you will have to make time for your sickness later


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Take Your Mind Off Corona .. Inspirational, Useful and Cultural Websites

Many of these links have advertisements

I do not recommend or endorse any 


Vegetables to plant in October: 10 easy crops to sow and grow in your plot


New Data Strengthen The Case For a Simple Diet That Could Protect Against Alzheimer's


4 Techniques To Induce a Lucid Dream With Just Your Mind, According to a Dream Decoder


Dutch scientists may have solved mystery of why some twins are identical



10 Minute Sleep Meditations For a Month, and You Can't Believe How Fast You Fall Asleep


23 Funny Finalists from the 2021 Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Cats might actually be as attached to their owners as dogs


How to train your brain to become more patient at home and at work


The Super-Hydrating Food You Should Be Eating Daily To Look 10 Years Younger


melodica men:



The Origins Of These Popular Expressions Will Blow Your Mind

Healthy Living and Recipes:

 Many of these links have advertisements. I do not recommend or endorse any


Popular Breakfast Foods That Increase Inflammation



Therapies ..  Stretching ..  Fitness

Many links have ads. I do not recommend or endorse any.

Check our website stretch video recommendations



Intense workouts shortly before bed found to impact sleep quality


The results are in from the largest ever study into physical activity and physical fitness






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