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October 11, 2021


Great Healthy Living and Stretching Links to Open Below My Message

Remember Sharing is Caring


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Thanks Gil


Let me take a moment to thank my son, Gil, for his efforts creating our office website and the format of these weekly e-mails. From scratch he used his skill as an IT expert to help me reach you my patients and those within our community here and a far. I appreciate the kind comments I receive concerning the content of these weekly e-mails, especially the useful links. Many asked where to find copies of previous e-mail newsletters with the links and I had no idea how to save them but Gil created a space for them on our website under the tab Wellness and they will be updated each week. Unfortunately, there is no index of the contents but here is where you can find them: www.familychirocenter.net/weekly-patient-newsletters/




He also created a page within our website for you to view stretch videos that allow you to be proactive with your care and further stabilize weak areas that need nurturing. Please take advantage of these videos and share them with friends and family. I chose specific stretches from youtube so you can avoid searching, but there are so many others. Here is the link to the stretch page: www.familychirocenter.net/stretches/hip-stretches/


Eat For The Health of It and Lose Weight to Boot:


If you are ready to take charge of your health by improving your eating habits and have the discipline to lose weight and need some guidance as well as support, go no further than the Three Week Daily Weight Loss Page on our website.


Years ago, a friend of mine was having difficulty managing his diabetes and his physician was very concerned and encouraged him to lose weight, exercise more and reduce his emotional stress. This 21 Day Weight Loss program was my attempt to help him. Each morning, for 21 Days, I sent him an encouraging e-mail and eventually added videos to support contents within the e-mail, I am sharing them with you. Please take a peek and if interested let me know and we can discuss it further. You can find the link under the tab Wellness: Here is the direct link to this vital resource towards your Health and Wellness:  www.familychirocenter.net/weight-loss/


 My Message:


Friends, we have an obligation to our family and ourselves to be healthy and as productive as possible. There are too many distractions and barriers towards this lofty goal but it should not stop you from attempting to be above the fray. As a chiropractor my role is to reduce structural and neurological stress and use muscle testing to help guide you towards nutritional wellness using Standard Process Whole Food Supplements. I hope you have taken advantage of our Nutritional Response Muscle Testing to determine the specific supplements needed to support your wellness along with your conservative chiropractic care and adjunctive therapies.


I also would like to praise my wonderful, supportive, compassionate staff: Melanie at the front desk guiding the ship, Alexis assisting with therapies and Aviva the insurance coordinator and office manager. They are all unique gems and I am so thankful. I'm sure you would agree.


Also, to you our dear patients, thanks for your kind reviews and referrals of your family and friends. There is nothing more grand that appreciative patients and their trust and confidence in our work. Okay, enough praising, lets get to the useful links below



If You Don’t make time for health today you will have to make time for your sickness later


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Take Your Mind Off Corona .. Inspirational, Useful and Cultural Websites

Many of these links have advertisements

I do not recommend or endorse any 


Having Trouble Falling Asleep? Skip the Melatonin Supplement and Try This Superfood Instead


Why can't house cats roar?


Dog trainer with a game-changing method who can teach any dog new tricks 


Neuroscientists Discover a Trick to Help You Retain Important Information 


Walking Like This Could Be a Sign of Dementia 


Is Exercise and fitness more important than diets 


How often should you wash your towels


Gorilla in a cloud of butterflies wins Nature Conservancy Photo Contest 2021


Origami Christmas decorations


Has the location of Noah’s Ark finally been proven using 3D scans?


Tom Brady starts every day with this high-protein breakfast smoothie


Live longer: The five-a-day diet change science says will add years to your life


5 biggest sleep myths debunked - we sort the sleep facts from fiction


Rare photos show some of the birds, fish, and mollusks added to the extinction list 


Inside the eye of the storm live video of Category 4 Hurricane


Healthy Living and Recipes:

 Many of these links have advertisements. I do not recommend or endorse any


Eating Yogurt and Cheese May Be Actually Good for Your Heart—Here's Why


The #1 Food To Give Up to Lower Inflammation, Says Dietitian


Cooking inspiration from vegan recipes all over the world


This Anti-Inflammatory Gut Healing Sweet Potato Soup With Ginger Is Perfect for Fall


23 Fall Breakfasts to Make This Weekend


Plant-based keto meals that won't make you miss carbs, from dinner to dessert


Eating one avocado a day could help you lose belly fat, says research


Popular Breakfast Foods That Increase Inflammation

Therapies ..  Stretching ..  Fitness

Many links have ads. I do not recommend or endorse any.

Check our website stretch video recommendations



10 exercises that help blast away belly fat


This Outdoor Workout Builds Total-Body Strength


10 Best Exercises To Prepare for Hiking


Sitting too much? Here's 5 stretches for tight hip flexors that can help relieve back, hip, and knee pain


Intense workouts shortly before bed found to impact sleep quality


The results are in from the largest ever study into physical activity and physical fitness


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