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October 25, 2021


Great Healthy Living and Stretching Links to Open Below My Message

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This past week 481 people opened my Monday e-mail and it traveled to three foreign countries, not bad, but considering the vast world out there I/we have much work to do to reach others helping them with my humble message but also the unique links below. So, please feel free to share these e-mails with others, forward them throughout the vast cyberworld and please reply back with questions, concerns or suggestions.


My Message:


What attracted me most to chiropractic was my personal healing followed with years of study, learning why/how it worked, passing four National Board Exams then receiving my Georgia license but  also the concept of Health and Wellness – vs – Sickness and Disease.


I thought there was always a need for doctors considering the whole body along with the vast number of medical physicians specializing in individual parts. Doctors who realize and appreciate that without interference the body would always attempt to heal itself. In our relentless world of chemical, emotional, physical, nutritional, structural and neurological stress is it no wonder our body can only do so much with the limited wellness concepts we provide it and the repetitive stress we place within it. So, we may live longer quantitatively with the magic of medication and surgical wonders but qualitatively it is a far less story. Today more than ever, we find auto immune issues more prevalent, repetitive physical stress reducing our personal performance and psychological stress overwhelming us. So what can we do to aim towards Health and Wellness not just manage Sickness and Disease?


Most important is to reduce neurological stress (the concept of the chiropractic adjustment) and work on reducing other stress factors by exercising more, eating for the health of it, work productive and ergonomically, reduce toxins from the body and eliminate those within, stress less and seek help if needed.


The adjustment is more than a click here and a click there or a twist and a pop it literally reduces nerve pressure, increases vascular flow and in so doing eliminates and/or manages structural and emotional stress. I’ve adjusted thousands of people over my years and can tell you one great story after another so take advantage of your adjustments, stick to your schedule and be proactive with monthly maintenance care, take advantage of the stretch exercises found on our website as well as the nutritional videos found on our website as well under Wellness/Weight loss. Ask me how best to manage the physical demands of your job and let Alexis share her skills of dancing and wellness with you as well. We are a Sharing and Caring office.   


This is what attracted me to chiropractic first as a patient

and after school a doctor now into my 43rd year


What is Health and Wellness:










If You Don’t make time for health today you will have to make time for your sickness later


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Take Your Mind Off Corona .. Inspirational, Useful and Cultural Websites

Many of these links have advertisements

I do not recommend or endorse any 


How Long Can You Leave a Dog Alone?



How to sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed on dark mornings


7 Types of Rest You've Been Missing


Help Fall Asleep In 15 Minutes


Standard Process and MediHerb offer a number of whole food products to support your sleep health. Ask Melanie or me about these supplements:

E-Z Mg

E-Z Mg is a plant-based, multiform organic magnesium (Mg) supplement developed to support patients with inadequate dietary magnesium intake.* Magnesium is involved in sleep pathways that support brain homeostatic sleep processes.


Min-Tran is a vegetarian product that contains mineral complexes to support emotional balance and helps ease the effects of temporary stress.

MediHerb Kava Forte

Kava Forte contains herbs that have been traditionally used to calm the nerves, ease the effects of temporary stress, promote relaxation, and support sleep

Why I Choose Standard Process Whole Food Supplements .. Take a Peek:

Standard Process Organic Farm Methods: 








Digestive Health:



Need To Shift Your Mindset? This 30-Minute Yoga Flow Can Help


Real Life Weight Loss: How this Texas woman lost 160lbs and became a bodybuilder


The five things you need to be happy, according to a happiness expert


Atlanta Is One of the Best Places in the USA for a Weekend Getaway


21 Christmas Eve Box ideas


What does Mars sound like


Astronomers May Have Just Found Evidence of The Very First Stars in Our Universe


The Cold Hard Truth on Why You Should Never Crunch Ice With Your Teeth


This Personality Trait Could Determine if You Are More Likely To Develop Dementia and Alzheimer’s


New study reveals one overlooked factor that can keep your brain younger




Winterize your children for school:



Feed Your Children Healthy:



Supplements for Your Pets:


How Whole Food Supplements Saved a Dog’s Life:



Pet Nutrition and Podcasts





Healthy Living and Recipes:

 Many of these links have advertisements. I do not recommend or endorse any


The rise of vegan food in unexpected places


Check Out the Newest Vegan Restaurant on Main Street Tucker: Papi Ali's: 2323 Main Street .. 770) 605-8570



What are "ultra-processed foods" and why are they usually bad for us?


Dessert That Won't Spike Your Blood Sugar


This Type of Grain Is Better Than Wheat for Weight Loss and Shedding Body Fat

Therapies ..  Stretching ..  Fitness

Many links have ads. I do not recommend or endorse any.

Check our website stretch video recommendations



4 Exercises for Better Posture You Can Do With Just a Resistance Band

Stretch your hips, back and glutes with this relaxing yoga pose


Trainers Say These Are The Best Stretches For Toning Your Back And Strengthening Your Arm Muscles


This No-Crunch Core Move Will Completely Light Up Your Abs


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