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November 1, 2021


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My Message: Choices We Make

Again, I thank you our patients and community for your kind replies and sharing these e-mails with your family and friends throughout the world. Considering that health and wellness evades many of us, it behooves us to search for answers and easily implemented plans to increase our level of wellness. I hope you find my weekly e-mails a chance to question and decide what steps, possibly baby ones at first, to begin your journey towards proper decisions reversing years of wellness neglect.

You may wonder why I chose Standard Process Whole Food Supplements as the only supplements we carry and promote. It is close to 10 years that I have been using muscle testing to determine how best to pair your body chemistry to the whole foods found in the Standard Process supplements. The trick is to find which body part needs assistance to both function at its potential while not draining the function of others.

Yes, you can purchase vitamins and minerals created in a lab from retail stores with pharmaceutical strength potency but they will never be as beneficial as actual food with micro minerals not found in a man made product. Yes, it is always best to eat for the health of it and gather all the nutrients from food but dependent on season availability and nutrients found within the soil supplementation often is necessary. Standard Process, as well as other whole food companies, strive to use specific harvesting, manufacturing and distribution of the foods they grow so it is pure and full of the potential created for us.

I visited the Standard Process facility and farm in Wisconsin and was blown away with their meticulous level of purity, organic consciousness and farming techniques. They also provide continuing educational classes for doctors of which I attend at least twice a year. Below are some videos concerning Standard Process so I hope you will check them as well as articles about healthy choices and decisions.

If you haven’t requested a muscle testing session to begin your process of wellness with nutrition, please schedule it with Melanie  

Healthy Food Choices:





Heart Healthy Choices:


Standard Process Videos:



Tour of Their Facility and Doctor Training:



Their 21 Day Purification Program:


My Daughters Healthy Blogs:

Preventing Aches and Pains While Working At Home:


Weight Loss Blogs:


Exercise Blogs:


Blood Sugar Blogs:





If You Don’t make time for health today you will have to make time for your sickness later


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Take Your Mind Off Corona .. Inspirational, Useful and Cultural Websites

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Train Your Brain:

3 nearly effortless ways to improve your memory and recall, backed by neuroscience

Try these 3 mindset shifts to train your brain to be unstoppable

The #1 Way to Reduce Dementia Risk—Even If You Have Family History

Weight Loss:

Obesity breakthrough reveals how cell "uncoupling" promotes fat burning

Here's how to boost your metabolism to lose weight, even if you're over 50


These Yoga Stretches Will Make You Fall Asleep Faster

Lack of sleep could be affecting the way you walk


Gut bacteria found to produce molecules that suppress inflammation

Do you have dead butt syndrome? Wake up your glutes with this exercise

Always Start Your Day by Asking Yourself These 3 Questions

Scientists Traced The Weird Origins of Tusks to Find Out Where They Came From

Deployed Solider Rescues Cat With Kittens And Brings Them Home With Her

A lighthearted, simple matrix explains whether someone is 'intelligent' or 'stupid'

Hundreds of Ancient Maya Sites Hidden Under Mexico Reveal a Mysterious Blueprint



Healthy Living and Recipes:

 Many of these links have advertisements. I do not recommend or endorse any


Get to know farro and other superfood whole grains

An Elimination Diet Is the Best Way to Figure Out Which Foods Make You Feel Like Crap


One Food You Should Be Eating More of To Boost Your Brain Health


Therapies ..  Stretching ..  Fitness

Many links have ads. I do not recommend or endorse any.

Check our website stretch video recommendations


This 15-Minute Lower Body Sliders Workout Targets Small and Big Muscles Alike

30-Minute Pilates Workouts Will Help Tone Your Body From Head to Toe


The 5-Minute Workout for Healthy Joints



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