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November 8, 2021


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My Message: Veterans Day


We spend a day each year remembering our military veterans and the sacrifices they and their family made to keep our country safe and secure. As a military veteran myself, I appreciate the three years I spent both here and abroad serving my country. So, besides taking advantage of the holiday sales, take a moment giving thanks to a veteran and be aware of veteran concerns such as homelessness, suicide and healthcare. We must work as a family to assist each other and those that served us in uniform should have our priority attention.


In today’s world, depending on your political/social persuasion, our giving country is either going perfectly well, coasting along, needing a drastic or tweaking correction or on a downhill run. This is the beauty of freedom, freedom of thought and speech without recrimination. Freedom to express yourself when others disagree and the freedom to change. Change is good, not changing, not evolving and not looking towards a better future is never the better option. We should always preserve the freedoms handed down to us by our foremothers and fathers, even if passages within their past were flawed. No doubt we can do better and bless those with the freedom to search and pave the way for change without destroying the matrix that binds us together.


The year I spent behind the iron curtain, during the heyday of the cold war, I witnessed the struggles of a suppressed society and an appreciation of what was waiting for me back home in the USA. Many of you may have come here from lands across the sea and understand the freedoms that awaited you if able to take advantage of them.


Please don’t take this lightly. Be part of a struggle by passing the good forward while righting the wrongs you feel need to be addressed. Be civil, be assertive but always be humble and respectful to those that paved the way making this flawed but great society we call home.


So, remember the guardians that swore to protect and preserve us our veterans


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Student Essays What Makes America Great:



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Healthy Living and Recipes:

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Therapies ..  Stretching ..  Fitness

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