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November 22, 2021


Great Healthy Living and Stretching Links to Open Below My Message

Remember Sharing is Caring


Our Office Will Be Closed Thanksgiving Week

November 22 until 26

Reopen Monday November 29 at 9 am

Dr. Schwartz will be in town until Wednesday so if you need immediate chiropractic care, call his office 770-508-4456. He is across from Tucker High School next to Eric’s Fit Lab.

Please Join Us During Our Yearly Holiday Food Drive

Please bring non-perishable food, cans and boxes and place it within our Blue Bin. As it fills, we will bring it to a local food pantry. Each year we have provided hundreds of dollars of food and hopefully more this year. If you wish, place money in our container and I will purchase food for you. We will continue to collect until after Christmas.

We will be giving them to The Tucker Community Outreach located at 4213 Fellowship Road. I understand they are busy helping those less fortunate

Please be happy you have enough to give, some are not so lucky

 E-mail message this week .. Thanksgiving

As we enter the yearend holiday season, let me take a moment to thank you for being you. A simple phrase but if you have been a chiropractic and/or nutritional patient you decided that increasing your potential was important enough to decide to do something about it. Too often we give in to the negative and find less time to search and dwell within the positive. I hope as we all enter the New Year, a year with less covid stress, a year with less division and more unity and a year where we take charge of our destiny rather than fall prey to the whims of the day, we find peace and share more thanks with others.

Thanks also for reading these e-mails, sharing them with friends and family as well as sharing the chiropractic story so others can benefit as well. We always appreciate your kind referrals and kind positive reviews on Google as well as the Tucker Facebook pages.

You can now find my previous e-mails on our website: www.familychirocenter.net/weekly-patient-newsletters/

Thanksgiving is a family holiday. So please hug your family, be kind to each other and be generous with thanks all around.

History of Thanksgiving:


Explanation of Thanksgiving For Kids:


Thanksgiving Facts:




If You Don’t make time for health today you will have to make time for your sickness later


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Take Your Mind Off Corona .. Inspirational, Useful and Cultural Websites

Many of these links have advertisements

I do not recommend or endorse any 

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Stretching and Exercise:

These Are Just Some of the Benefits of Walking 10,000 Steps Every Day


Your Triceps Make Up Two-Thirds of Your Arms


From resistance training to bands, here are 3 exercises to fight aching joints as you age


300 Minutes a Week of Moderate Exercise May Help Ward Off Cancer


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