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March 7, 2022

The CDC’s Feb. 24, 2022 guidelines outline a new set of measures for communities where COVID-19 is posing a low or medium threat to hospitals and people in those areas could stop wearing masks regardless of vaccination status. Dekalb and Fulton county are amongst those considered low.

Our office has been very diligent concerning covid-19 safety protocols but life has to come back to normal and hopefully this latest news from the CDC is just the beginning. After a discussion with Melanie and Alexis and their agreement that mask wearing within our office will be optional, our office will follow the guidelines of both the State of Georgia and the CDC and ask that you wear a mask if you feel it necessary and ask any of our staff to wear one as well when with you. We may wear our masks as per our discretion. If you have any concerns, please reply to me or discuss it during your next office visit


Please Remain Diligent and Safe


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My Message:   STRESS


Considering our harried life during the pandemic, the horror of Ukraine and uncertainty at every turn our levels of stress may be overwhelming. The adage Make Lemonade Out of Lemons may be pushing the envelope to its limits but for certain to maintain sanity and keep your head above water the goal is to manage stress and learn to cope.


As a chiropractor, I work with many layers of stress. As a patient coming in and going out our office after a click here and a thud there you may consider the adjustment quick and to the point but there is a lot more going on. My method of chiropractic care is to search for imbalance and triggers that prevent your body from adapting as it should. Using my analysis similar to Simon Says and touch (palpation) as well as other objective findings, I attempt to undue your years of wear and tear and overcome your defensive posture that was created after years of spinal physical stress or a recent incident that has not resolved peacefully on its own with conservative chiropractic care. Consider this:


As the day roles on, our body adapts to stress morning, noon and night, 24/7 chemically, emotionally, hormonally, physically and neurologically.  As I mentioned in my previous e-mails managing stress requires awareness and lifestyle changes to both cope and eliminate. So let’s begin this week with Physical Stress:


Stress Statistics reveal many factors that overwhelm the strongest amongst us and lowering levels would make it easier to cope and manage. Start with Physical Stress. Ergonomics is fitting yourself within your environment whether at work, home or leisure. Many of us need to consider better computer placement. How best to bend, lift and reach. How best to sit without slouching or sleeping with a neck conducive pillow and proper supportive mattress. How best to avoid the ravages of Spring planting and clearing our yard and gardens.


Enough written today as food for thought. So, I encourage you to determine your level of physical stress, if you exercise without adding extra physical stress, if at work you can make some workstation changes, if you can consider lessening physical stress with daily home chores and be careful this yard and gardening season to avoid more wear and tear.


Lot more to write about stress but I rather not add more stress today



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