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April 20, 2022

We Will Be Closed Until Monday April 25

Thank you for all the well wishes and kind words sent to me via e-mail. I am well and past the 10 days of covid but my energy level is less than I like and returning to the office and provide the proper care you all need would not be wise. So, I decided to chill out this week and return raring to go Monday April 25. Melanie will call to reschedule you or call her at: 770-491-3639 


Melanie’s Anniversary .. 21 Years


Melanie has been with us since April 16, 2001, twenty one years. To say that Melanie is indispensable would be indisputable. To say that Melanie is a heavenly gift would be an understatement. To say that after 21 years we never had a disagreement resulting in a mutiny would be correct so another 21 would be okay.


A healthcare provider, regardless of letters after their name or whether a physician or supportive staff is the ultimate vessel the big man uses to assist his flock below. I never doubt this and am thankful each day that Melanie said yes when I proposed she work with me.


I know that thousands of you have been touched by her caring voice, her ever ready smile, her compassionate demeanor, her ability to multitask and appreciate the gift she is to us, to me, and how loving she is to everyone


If you haven’t reached out to her, please send her a message on her Facebook page or send her a kind message at: melselent@aol.com 


You can also place a review on Google Anyone searching for a chiropractor would appreciate their attentive staff, including Donna our therapist and Aviva managing the office and our insurance liaison.  As they say, a chain is as strong as its weakest link, fortunately, ours is super strong.


Thank You Melanie






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