About the Doctor

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Dr. Joel E. Margolies, DC

Expert in Chiropractic Care

Dr. Margolies is a 1978 cum laude graduate of Life College of Chiropractic. He keeps up to date attending numerous seminars throughout the year as well exceeding the required 20 hours of continuing education classes per year. He spent years building his practice by telling the chiropractic story with weekly patient and community classes, participating in church and local company health fairs, corporate safety evaluations and hundreds of ergonomic workshops providing sound and safe ways to avoid work and sport injuries and giving health and wellness classes throughout the community.

The Family Chiropractic Center welcome patients from newborn to those within their golden years utilizing gentle and conservative chiropractic techniques and therapy.

Prior to being a chiropractor, he was a professional French Horn musician and has been a member of the Dekalb Symphony Orchestra since 1983.

Professional Education


Doctor of Chiropractic Degree

Cum laude graduate of Life College of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA.

Instructor of Chiropractic Ethics Studies

He taught a professional ethics class for three years at Life University with over a thousand of his students practicing throughout the world. He has been asked to speak at numerous state chiropractic conventions as well as instructing chiropractors for their continuing educational credits in California, Florida, Nevada, Virginia as we well as here in Georgia. Dr. Margolies has kept up with his students as well as 4,800 chiropractors in 35 countries with his weekly e-mail blog.

Becomes a Published Author

He is the author of four chiropractic books and manuals including the textbook he wrote for his ethics class at Life University.

Uses Standard Process Whole Food Nutrition

He has well over 100 hours of training in natural healing using Standard Process Whole Food Supplements. He also has advanced training in Nutritional Response Muscle Testing to determine the proper supplements and how best to use them to regain and maintain health and wellness.